Brooklyn townhouse styled by Coil + Drift and Cold Picnic

Two of Our Favorite Designers Teamed Up to Style This Incredible Brooklyn Townhouse

In many ways, staging a home for sale represents the point where interior design and set design meet. As a design practice, however, staging has never quite earned the respect or attention of either of those disciplines. But that may be changing: For more than a year now, we’ve been stalking the Instagram account of sisters Hollister and Porter Hovey, whose staging involves placing not only mass-market furniture á la Blu Dot or West Elm but also vintage finds and original artworks created by Hollister herself in response to each environment. Earlier this summer, another staging project popped up on our radar, which we’re featuring here today: a Brooklyn townhouse, meticulously renovated by Hatchet Design Build and gorgeously styled by John Sorensen-Jolink of Coil + Drift and Phoebe Sung of Cold Picnic. There’s a wonderful alchemy happening here between the warm, colorful abstraction of Cold Picnic’s rugs, the spare geometry of Coil + Drift’s furniture, the vintage classics from Brooklyn’s Home Union, and, of course, the strategically placed pampas grass. When can we move in?


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