Seven Designers to Watch from RCA’s Ceramics & Glass Program

Is the Royal College of Art London’s most important ceramics incubator? When we look back on years of covering the design school’s graduation show, our favorites pieces have invariably come from that school’s department of Ceramics and Glass. So this year, we cut right to the chase, and are featuring our favorite projects from that particular program, which include vases made from tiny “bricks” of colored clay, hot sculpted glass inspired by spinning tops, and vessels made from equal parts slip-casting and hand-building, showcasing the divide between the industrial and the handmade. Take note of these names; we expect you’ll be hearing a lot more from them.

Alice Walton

alice 10 alice 11 Connaught Alice

Pam Su

_MG_1903-78 _MG_1910-80 _MG_1917-83

Chenchen Hu

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Emily Stapleton Jefferis

Ester Segarra Ester Segarra Ester Segarra Ester Segarra emilystapleton-jefferis

Kaja Upelj

Ester Segarra Ester Segarra Ester SegarraKaja_Upelj_Sublte_Flow

Lola Lazaro Hinks

Filter, 2018, cast glass, 25x14x6cmChannel, 2018, 20x14x12cm Dichroic gradient, 2018, cast glass, 36x6x13cm

Laura McKinley