The South Korean Designer Making “Art Futons” A Thing

As a Cranbrook grad back in 2009, the South Korean–born designer Sang Hoon Kim rode his graduation project all the way to a feature in The New York Times. The designer has flown somewhat under the radar since then, teaching furniture design back in his hometown of Seoul and iterating on his Phenomena series for Gallery Seomi. This year, however, Kim released the fruits of another project he’s been quietly working on, The Foam Series: a collection of seats, bookcases, chaises, tables, and even rugs made from colorful, flexible memory foam that’s mixed in varying solutions to create levels of texture and cushion. Kim’s family has operated a foam factory in South Korea for three generations so experimenting with the material came naturally to him. The results have a blocky form language that’s reminiscent of Kwangho Lee or Max Lamb’s work mixed with the color sensibility of a Chris Schanck; the chaise is a particular favorite, resembling as it does the coolest futon you could ever imagine.

2seatsofa_stand_hi sofaset_2 sofa_stand_hi nap chair with the bookshelf2 leaning chair or coffee table_stand_left daybed 1seat_2_left foam sofa with meteorite ottoman_hi 2 seatchair_right napchair_pink mixed color divider or coffee table_left daybed_left 1seat_3_stand 1seat_3_right 2seatchair_left 1seat_1_left 1seat_1_stand 1seat_3_left black and white meteorite medium size_hi napchair_blue & gray mixed color_2 sofaset2