3D rendered interiors Six N. Five

Six N. Five’s 3D Rendered Interiors Perfectly Capture the Melancholy of a New Furniture Collection

It should come as no surprise that French architect and designer Morgane Roux is a fan of Edward Hopper, Jim Jarmusch, and Wim Wenders — aka artists with the ability to capture isolation and landscape, what goes on in the margins of life, and the outsider. Her latest collection under her Atelier Aveus label, The Wait, focuses on feelings triggered by those liminal spaces, such as contemplation, passivity, and the distortion of time — all translated into three pieces of furniture. In these images, a room divider, a wall lamp, and a waiting sofa have been rendered in highly narrative scenes by Six N. Five to highlight those emotions: The lamp mirrors a lonely moon, the velvety blue sofa looks both comforting and isolated, and the room divider is full of emptiness and reflection. In Roux’s hands, waiting is a condition with its own aesthetic and visual codes, and rendering the pieces in 3-D heightens the feeling of something being set off — close to, but not quite a part of, the real world.

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