The Best of the Rest at London Design Festival 2018

We featured some of our favorite exhibitions from this year’s London Design Festival here, here, and here, but today we’re taking you on a tour of some of our other 2018 picks. For the second year in a row, Swedish Ninja launched one of our favorite objects, this year in the form of small, mix-and-match glass sculptures. Studio Anansi capitalized on the lumpy and tubular trends with its chiseled sycamore table mirror. Skandium took up the mantle of Peter Pilotto, with its similarly color-blocked townhouse takeover. And the Ace Hotel continued its Ready Made Go collaboration with Modern Design Review; following last year’s requirement that all objects be made using sustainable materials, this year’s designers were tasked with collaborating with a local social enterprise to create their piece. Here’s hoping that that becomes the trend to follow us into 2019.

Studio Anansi

01_Studio-Anansi_Chisled-Mirror_Concept_2018 01_StudioAnansi_Chisel-Mirror_Back_2018

Swedish Ninja

oh-my-pink-mini-sculpture oh my blue & green 1 video


Magneto_Colours_08 Magneto_Colours_09

Philippe Malouin for Resident


Jonathan Saunders for The Rug Company


Mijo Studio


Skandium Townhouse

skandium-eco-townhouse-london-design-festival-ldf_dezeen_2364_col_18 skandium-eco-townhouse-london-design-festival-ldf_dezeen_2364_col_3 skandium-eco-townhouse-london-design-festival-ldf_dezeen_2364_col_1 skandium-eco-townhouse-london-design-festival-ldf_dezeen_2364_col_16

Ready Made Go at The Ace Hotel

ZETTELER_RMG4_RaisedGround-AbigailBooth_photography by Peter Guenzel

Abigail Booth

ZETTELER_RMG4_TableAccessories-LaetitiaDeAllegri_photography by Peter Guenzel

Laetitia de AllegriZETTELER_RMG4_BianceNero-M-L-XL_photography by Peter Guenzel


ZETTELER_RMG4_CakeStand-Minimalux_photography by Peter Guenzel


ZETTELER_RMG4_Pinch-WD-DP_photography by Peter Guenzel

Will Drye and Dom Postlethwaite of WD-DP

Joyce Wang


Lee Broom

Orion Pendant Set

Lara Bohinc

Orbit Chair and orbit Coffe Table

Transform at Mint London

Marwoolus Collection©Marco Guazzini_2 edited

Marwoolus © Marco Guazzini

Glass Vessel Sculptures©Morgan Stockton Glass Vessel Sculptures©Morgan Stockton_1

Morgan Stockton

Atlas Crafts


Jo Elbourne


Photographed by Kristy Noble and styled by Gemma Therese Pearce

Soft Baroque for Plastic Scene

Bookshelf by Soft Baroque