LDF 2018 Preview: A Spotlight on Uruguayan Designers

It’s nestled directly between Brazil and Buenos Aires, but you don’t hear a whole lot about Uruguay in this part of the world. Not for lack of interest — we’re always hoping to discover new South American design talents — but simply for lack of opportunity. A new exhibition launching during the London Design Festival next week, though, is set to officially school us: Hilos Invisibles at Aram Gallery will give seven Montevideo studios a platform to present themselves on the global design scene, and the London-based but Uruguayan-born designer Matteo Fogale has helped groom them for their debut.

As curator of the show, Fogale asked each studio to temporarily put aside commercial concerns and collaborate with him on a piece driven purely by concept and storytelling; each project was based on drawings and photos he pulled from the archives of the late Uruguayan modernist Julio Vilamajó Echaniz, which will also be on view at Aram. Check out the works below.


Hilos_invisibles_Florencia_Antia_006 MCV tables by Rafael Antia and Matteo Fogale Hilos_invisibles_Florencia_Antia_001 Diario_2378_finalPlinto by Studio Diario and Matteo FogaleHilos_invisibles_Florencia_Antia_005 Luminarias3081_finalMedianera Lamps by Claro and Matteo Fogale
Muar_3113_final Hilos_invisibles_Florencia_Antia_003Americana by Muar and Matteo FogaleMeniniNicola_3133_final Hilos_invisibles_Florencia_Antia_004El Secreto by Menini-Nicola and Matteo FogaleHilos_invisibles_Florencia_Antia_002 CaroPalombo_2273_finalTutura by Carolina Palombo Piríz and Matteo FogaleClaudio_2987_finalRama by Claudio Sibille and Matteo Fogale