The Matisse- and Picasso-Inspired Danish Artist On the Brink of Stardom

It’s hard not to look at Christiane Spangsberg’s paintings as a cross between Matisse and Picasso, but when you start really exploring the simplicity of the lines, the additions of a lilac or pink or teal, and the titles of the works — they become so much more. The Copenhagen-based artist has found a way to explore the perception of people in their daily and digital lives through her emotive portraits. She’s added brighter colors — while still working with the deep indigo hue that initially made her famous (a complex blue paint that she discovered in an art store several years ago) — and the emphasis on imperfection and expression come through. With some works looking more like collage and others with one intuitive winding line, they all call out for a little introspection. Since 2016, Spangsberg has had four sold out solo exhibitions; her latest, “Regarde-Moi,” was featured earlier this month in a pop-up exhibition in Paris put on by London’s ONEROOM Gallery. Check out some of our favorite pieces here.

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