In Tribeca, a Must-Have List of Design Objects — And One Killer Terrazzo Bathroom

If there’s anything we love more than peeking inside our creative friends’ homes, it’s seeing how those same people choose to live within two very different settings. This is rare, of course, but today we’re getting just such a treat, courtesy of Partners & Spade co-founder and creative director Anthony Sperduti. If you’ll recall, two years ago we visited Sperduti at his art-filled Hamptons hideaway and found the happiest, surf-inspired beach cottage. Now, thanks to Architectural Digest, we’re getting a glimpse inside Sperduti’s more sophisticated Tribeca loft — which is outfitted, to no one’s surprise, with a who’s who in contemporary design and art. Sperduti bought the apartment in 2016, undertook the renovation himself with no formal design training, and then filled the place with acquisitions like a custom Uhuru couch, a vase by Valentina Cameransei Sgroi, a painting by David Hockney, a leather chair by Carlo Scarpa, ceramics by Adam Silverman and Jennie Jieun Lee, and a suite of envy-inducing, emerald-upholstered Sedia 033 dining chairs by Dimore Studio. Oh, and did we mention the Marmoreal bathroom? Scroll down to see for yourself, and then head over to AD for a deeper look at how Sperduti’s dream apartment came to be.


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