Ben and Aja Blanc mirrors

Ben & Aja Blanc Are Redefining What a Mirror Should Be

Ben & Aja Blanc — aka the Providence-based couple creating home decor items that feel more like works of fine art — are at it again with a new collection of twelve mirrors, horsehair fringe included. The new collection employs the couple’s signature muted tones — peaches and grays, with a dip into almost unusable inky black — and their favored elemental materials, like glass, fiber, and brass. And yet the new pieces also expand upon their visual vocabulary, experimenting with layers of treated glass and getting wilder and bolder in terms of both shape and form. The Superi collection gives us serpentine curves, minimalist astral elements, and shapes reminiscent of a sort of mounted head, while the Ida collection substitutes translucent glass panels where horsehair might normally hang. Whatever these warm and mysterious forms and textures evoke, the show is on view through January 27 at Salon, a new gallery in Boston dedicated to independent American design.

IDA#4_Blanc SalemEos_Detail4_Blanc Aries_Grey_Blanc Orion_Blanc AriesBlack_Blanc IDA #3_Blanc MMCo.Solon-7732 MMCo.Solon-7492 Orion_Detail4_Blanc AriesBlack_Detail3 Ida#3_Detail3_Blanc Leo_Blanc MMCo.Solon-7727 LittleMoons_Blanc MMCo.Solon-7482 Taurus_Blanc Vos_Blanc MMCo.Solon-7742 Titus_Blanc MMCo.Solon-7471