Today We’re Revealing Our Secret Source For Discovering New Talents — Including These 23 Artists and Designers

If you’re one of the many, many people who have always wanted to ask us the same million dollar question — how do we decide who to feature on Sight Unseen? — pay attention, because we’re answering it here today. First things first, we feature people and things we like, it’s as simple as that. More complex is how we find those people and things. Some of our biggest sources are Instagram, exhibitions we attend, and submission emails we receive. But not too long ago, we found another source that’s an endless wellspring for discovering new names in art and design: Cargo.

Yes, Cargo — the tool for building and hosting websites that for many years has been the go-to for folks in the creative industry who want to catalog and share their work. As it turns out, the team behind Cargo also catalog and share the work of their users, creating a steady, highly curated stream of content that, if we admit it, could rival some of what we do here at Sight Unseen. To prove it, we scoured Cargo’s recent feeds and gathered 23 designers, artists, stylists, and photographers whose work was new to us, which we’ve shared below. These names join the many we’ve featured in the past on this site, and the ones we’ve held back to feature more in depth in the coming weeks. (Like this guywowza.)

What this means for you is, if you’re a creative yourself, you should consider building your site on Cargo, because people like us might discover your work that way. But if you’re just someone looking for inspiration, you can find it on Cargo in the following places: A) by signing up for their newsletter, which is basically a weekly digest of their Selections feed (work by users) and In Use feed (entire sites by users), or B) their Instagram, which is split into accounts for art, design and architecture, graphic designphotography, and style.

Happy hunting!


MiaMiddleton_Orbit3 Mia_Middleton_Art_Install_28Mia Middleton (artist) (also made the piece featured at the top of this post)CARGO_Art_Jared-Ginsburg_badpaper_co_zaJared Ginsburg via Bad Paper (artist)
CARGO_Art_hoick_co_za2 CARGO_Art_hoick_co_zaHOICK (creative agency)
CARGO_Art_Koen_Hauser_Pygmalion_5 CARGO_Art_Koen_Hauser_Pygmalion_6Koen Hauser (artist)
CARGO_Art_emmanuelmbesse_comEmmanuel Mbessé (artist)

Graphic Design

CARGO_Graphic_eunsunpark_netEunsun Park (designer)
CARGO_Graphic_PeteLacey_DesignDoesntMatter2Pete Lacey (designer)
CARGO_Graphic_joseavila_meJose Avila (designer)
CARGO_Graphic_richardespinosa_comRichard Espinosa III (designer)
CARGO_Graphic_Looch_Studio2 CARGO_Graphic_Looch_StudioLooch Studio (designers)


CARGO_Style_andreherrero_comAndre Herrero (photographer)
CARGO_Photo_claudiacerasuolo_comClaudia Cerasuolo (stylist)
altakappaAltakappa (art director/stylist)

Design and Architecture

CARGO_ArchDesign_RaphaelKadid_CopperShade_Lamp2Raphael Kadid (designer)
CARGO_ArchDesign_jeremieleon_comJeremie Leon (photographer)
WebStudiohivvv (designers)
CARGO_ArchDesign_thomascausin_comThomas Causin (photographer)
CARGO_ArchDesign_UlysseMartel2Ulysse Martel (designer)
CARGO_ArchDesign_Laetitia-Badaut-Haussmann_thisisblitz_comLaetitia Badaut Haussmann via Blitz (artist/designer)


CARGO_Photo_mounirhammoumi_comMounir Hammoumi (photographer)
CARGO_Photo_elizasoros_comEliza Soros (photographer)
CARGO_Photo_SARAHBLAIS_3Sarah Blais (photographer)
CARGO_Photo_romanopizzichini_comRomano Pizzichini (photographer/filmmaker)

This post was sponsored by Cargo, but all thoughts and editorial content are our own. Like everything at Sight Unseen, our partner content is carefully curated to make sure it’s of the utmost relevance to our readers. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Sight Unseen.