This Translucent, Candy-Colored Lucite Jewelry is All We Want to Wear Right Now

Knots, chains, translucent candy colors — Corey Moranis‘s SS19 Lucite jewelry and home collection ticks off more trend boxes that we could possibly count. But in truth, the most beguiling thing about Moranis’s work is the material itself — Lucite is a fascinating material that recalls our obsession with colored glass; it, too, retains the memory of its previously liquid state (though is happily much more shatterproof). As a child, the Canadian designer’s website notes, “Moranis was always into plastics, collecting kawaii toys, blow-up chairs, and ’60s costume jewelry.” But it wasn’t until art school that she began experimenting with creating her own Lucite from scratch, coloring, mixing, and cooking the liquid plastic (a nod to her previous science-focused studies). In the new collection, Moranis experiments with different forms, including a swirled hairpin that resembles a fiddlehead fern and a slim rod keychain in colors like turquoise, copper, and smoke — an ever-richer palette that prisms out stained-glass shadows. Take a peek below, then click through to find out more.

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