Take a Tour of Inside/Out, the First Exhibition of Outdoor Furniture By Up-and-Coming American Designers

It’s been an extremely rainy week in New York City, but on Saturday, the clouds momentarily, miraculously parted, just in time for the opening of the first-ever exhibition of outdoor furniture by up-and-coming American designers: Inside/Out, curated by Asa Pingree and Kin & Company. The show features works by 22 different talents, scattered around the grassy knolls of Vale Park at The William Vale hotel in Williamsburg, where visitors are invited to sit on them, eat doughnuts on them, or — perhaps the most likely scenario — let their kids climb all over them. The idea for Inside/Out actually came about after The William Vale offered the curators the space during New York design week; Sight Unseen happily joined as a co-host, alongside Wescover, a new online platform for discovering who made the furniture and art you may have spotted in hotels, restaurants, and interior design projects.

Some of the works in the show we’ve seen before in one form or another, including a lounge by Pingree himself and planters by Birnam Wood Studio. But many are totally new: The Los Angeles outdoor furniture duo Laun created two massive daybeds for the exhibition, and jewelry designer Suna Bonometti contributed her first solo furniture piece, a bench/planter that houses a tree with leaves painted by the botanical studio Wife. Steven Bukowski and Hannah Bigeleisen, who launched their collaboration at our OFFSITE show last year, are debuting a chair, and Kin & Company their first collaboration with clothing brand Dusen Dusen. Scroll down to see selections from the exhibition, then click here to see and read more about all 22 of the pieces on Wescover’s site, including how to visit them — once the sun finally comes out again, that is.


Inside Out_Install 3_photo credit Chris MottaliniClockwise from yellow bench: Bench by Kaye Blegvad, planter by Plant-In City, woven stools by Steven Bukowski and Hannah Bigeleisen, terrazzo benches by Robert Sukrachand, chaise by Asa Pingree, stool by Facture Studio, woven platform by Lucca Zeray, black object by Walter Mingledorff
Inside Out_Install 4_photo credit Chris MottaliniClockwise from left: Bench by Arcana, planter by Birnam Wood Studio, brass daybed by LAUN, chair by Malcolm Majer, chaise and table by Kin & Company x Dusen Dusen
Inside Out_Install 8_photo credit Asa PingreeClockwise from top left: Planter by Suna Bonometti with painted tree by Wife, stools by CHIAOZZA, chaise by Asa Pingree, tables by Christopher Prinz
Inside Out_Install 5_photo credit Alexander KusakClockwise from top left: Woven stools by Steven Bukowsi and D’Emploi, chaise by Asa Pingree, terrazzo bench by Robert Sukrachand
Inside Out_Install 7_photo credit Asa PingreeClockwise from left: Bench by Arcana, planters by Birnam Wood Studio, brass lounge by LAUN, planter by Suna Bonometti with painted tree by Wife, stool by CHIAOZZA, chaise and tables by Kin & Company x Dusen Dusen
Inside Out Chiaozza StoolsStools by ChiaozzaInside Out_Install 12_photo credit Chris MottaliniTerrazzo benches by Robert SukrachandInside Out_WalterMingledorffObjects by Walter MingledorffInside Out_Install 9_photo credit Chris MottaliniFrom left: Planter by Trey Jones, stool by Facture Studio, chair by Steven Bukowski and Hannah BigeleisenInside Out_Install 10_photo credit Chris MottaliniObject by Joseph Algieri and bench by Kaye BlegvadInside Out_photo credit Chris Mottalini_Install 1Chaise and tables by Kin & Company x Dusen Dusen, planters by Trey Jones
Inside Out_Install 13_photo credit Chris MottaliniBench by Kaye Blegvad Robert_Sukrachand_Terrazzo_1Terrazzo bench by Robert Sukrachand Inside Out_Designer ChiaozzaStools by ChiaozzaLAUN_Bobbin Bench 01_SLH StudioBrass lounge by LaunLAUN_Chord Daybed 01_SLH StudioStone, copper, and velvet lounge by LaunInside Out_photo credit Chris Mottalini_Designer Malcolm MajerChair by Malcolm MajerInside Out_Designer Facture StudioStool by Facture StudioInside Out_photo credit Chris Mottalini_Designer Steven Bukowski x d_emploi2

Woven Stools by Steven Bukowski and D’EmploiInside Out_photo credit Chris Mottalini_Designer Birnam Wood StudioPlanters by Birnam Wood StudioInside Out_Designer Christopher Prinz_planterPlanter by Christopher Prinz
Inside Out_Designer Asa Pingree_photo credit Chris MottaliniLounge by Asa PingreeInside Out_photo credit Chris Mottalini_Designer ArcanaBench by ArcanaInside Out_photo credit Chris Mottalini_Designer Steven Bukowski x Hannah BigeleisonChair by Steven Bukowski and Hannah BigeleisenInside Out_photo credit Chris Mottalini_Designer Suna Bonometti x WifeNYCPlanter by Suna Bonometti with painted tree by WifeInside Out_photo credit Chris Mottalini_Designer Trey Jones StudioPlanter by Trey JonesInside Out_photo credit Chris Mottalini_Designer Kin _ Company x Dusen Dusen chaise and tablesChaise and tables by Kin & Company x Dusen Dusen