Our Favorite Finds at New York Design Week 2019 — Part II

With our OFFSITE show taking the year off, the biggest question we got this week wasn’t “What have you seen that’s good?” but rather “Doesn’t it feel great to do nothing?” And while the latter question was valid (and the answer an emphatic yes), the fact that our schedules were free and easy this year actually allowed us to see even more that was quite good. We attended ICFF and Wanted for the first time in years, and while ICFF has gotten eerily quiet, there were plenty of OFFSITE alums and hypercolorful kitchen and bath fixtures to keep things interesting. (In fact, one of the best things at the Javits was a series of fronts for IKEA cabinets designed by three faves: Muller Van Severen, Note Design Studio, and David Thulstrup for Reform.) Meanwhile, over at Wanted’s Industry City and Manhattan locations, we found two of our favorite solo presentations from the week — a continuation of Ian Cochran’s Jell-O-esque resin series and the results of a glass residency Elyse Graham did in France — as well as a few interesting group exhibitions. For Timber!, curator Hannah Martin asked designers working in Industry City to create a piece from wood, while the students in Pete Oyler and Jonah Takagi’s studio course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago created objects exploring the concept of obsolescence. Scroll through for some of our favorites from the two big New York shows.


Elyse Graham x CIAV Meisenthal

Elyse Graham_Wanted3 Elyse Graham_Wanted1 Elyse Graham_Wanted2 Elyse Graham_Wanted

Format Fine Goods

Arches Bench-Hero Arches Bench Main simple Bolster

Ian Alistair Cochran

plumpsidetable gallery1

Bailey Fontaine


was/is by the Whatnot Studio at SAIC


Ana Buitrago


Yaazd Contractor


Yuting Chang


JB Fry


Hun Seung Lee


Zijin Gao

TIMBER!, Curated by Hannah Martin


Ishka Designs & BELLBOY


Billy Ray Morgan & Lindsey Adelman


Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Luminaire Authentik


Cecilia Xinyu Zhang




1927 Reform MVS 255 1927 Reform MVS 140 1927 Reform MVS 156 1927 Reform MVS 293 MVS-MATCH_09

Match by Muller Van Severen

1927 Reform Note 317 NDS-FRAME-blue_01 NDS-FRAME-blue_05

Frame by Note Design Studio

SDT-PLATE_raw_09 1927 Reform SDT 437 1927 Reform SDT 439 SDT-PLATE_raw_07

Plate by David Thulstrup Studio

Steven Bukowski

PianoChair1 StepLamp3 Bubble2 AmphiSconce3 PlumaLamps3


IMG_9401 IMG_8681 IMG_8681-blue IMG_8805-2 IMG_0001_1


05b_Meta_Refinement 01d_Meta_Refinement_yellow

In Common With

In-Common-With_Arundel_Puck-Table-Lamp_Oxide-Red In-Common-With_Puck-Table-Lamp_Oxide-Red In Common With_Glass Disc Pendant_Sandblasted Amber In-Common-With_Mushroom-Table-Lamp_Black In-Common-With_Up-Down

David Vu Studio

DavidVuStudio_LoopMirror_02 DavidVuStudio_CrenelSideTable_06 DavidVuStudio_ArcChair_03 DavidVuStudio_CrenelDiningTable_02 DavidVuStudio_Helix_02

Kast Concrete Basins

Kast Canvas 2019 ICFF Elm ICFF ICFF Kast Concrete Basins Kast Canvas 2019 Collection - Otto, Luna, Iva


MTHARU - Plote and Prov Tables

Rosie Li Studio


Rosie Li x Michael Yarinsky


Luft Tanaka Studio for Souda


Stille by Standard Issue Design

Stille-Group_Shot-1811-05 Stille-Color_Story-1811-03 Stille-NS6-TM-1811-01

Chapel Petrassi

9U7A3330_150 copia

Ben Barber Studio

Ben Barber-6 Ben Barber-5

New Format Studio

NEW FORMAT - Sweep Wall Mirror (11) IMG_1589 NEW FORMAT - Plano Bar Cabinet (6)

Ryan Edward Studio

Orbit chandelier Illuminated 1 Orbit Pendant 8 inch off

AlexAllen Studio

AlexAllen Studio_Cane and Pallet_Low Res

Studio Seitz


Shore Rugs

SHORE_Assortment_9 SHORE_Clouds of Venus Mat_4 SHORE_Golden Hour Pillow_3

Shuya Hachi

ShuyaHachi_CornLamp ShuyaHachi_HillLamp

Very Good & Proper

VG&P_4th5th6thJUNE10291 VG&P 10,11JAN20180252

Brendan Ravenhill Studio

ICFF_Beam Pendant_2_Ravenhill

Sarah Sherman Samuel for Concrete Collaborative

F-178 FSS0050