Tatiana Bilbao furniture

A New Furniture Collection by Tatiana Bilbao, the Mexican Architect On Everyone’s Lips

The Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao is known for a kind of socially conscious, contextually sensitive, human-centered approach — so in hindsight it was only a matter of time before she would turn her attention to the realm of interiors and the way people interact within a space. If you’re in Copenhagen this month, we would highly suggest first going to see Bilbao’s solo exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to learn about her ideas and working methods. But then head straight back into town to Étage Projects, to see Bilbao’s first furniture collection, which she adapted from a suite initially designed for a student center in Monterrey, Mexico. Bilbao wanted the collection — conceived of as a mobile library and commissioned and produced by the Mexico City–based AGO Projects — to reflect the modern mobility of humans. The pieces — mostly half-cylinders made from natural materials like marble, copper, and lava rock — can either nestle close to one another or spread out, creating a naturally winding path, allowing users to cluster or simply to be alone together. On view until December 1.

Tatiana_Bilbao_09_Original Tatiana_Bilbao_14_Original Tatiana_Bilbao_05_Original Tatiana_Bilbao_11_Original Tatiana_Bilbao_02_Original Tatiana_Bilbao_01_Original Tatiana_Bilbao_12_Original Tatiana_Bilbao_04_Original Tatiana_Bilbao_07_Original