Get Ready To Fall In Love With Caudex Studio, Brooklyn’s Haute Couturier Of Ceramics

Caudex Studio is something of a secret, if anything with a website and an Instagram account could be considered as such these days. Launched late last year by fledgling ceramicist Éloïse Larochelle (who cut her teeth in fashion design in Givenchy’s atelier and—in case those cross-disciplinary bonafides don’t suffice—had the brand’s logo designed by a friend at M/M Paris), Caudex planters are one-of-a-kind, wheel-thrown and made in two pieces—a drainage-friendly top set on a glaze-lined base that collects water, “for optimal plant health.”

To top it all off (pun deeply intended), each vessel comes paired with a rare and unusual plant, selected especially to complement its form and color. Prices start, shockingly, as low as $150 for what basically constitutes the start of your sculpture garden, and delivery is available in the NYC area. Get them while they last! Photographed by Nicholas Calcott.

Caudex003 Caudex007 Caudex009 Caudex008 Caudex006 Caudex004 Caudex002