Jonathan Saunders Tubular Table

Fashion Designer Jonathan Saunders Embraces Change — and Color — With His Furniture Debut

Riding the wake of his eighteen-year career in fashion, Scottish designer Jonathan Saunders is pivoting to the furniture business. Dubbed simply Saunders (but not, disappointingly, Simply Saunders™), the 15-piece collection is inspired by the interplay of colors and divided into three core material languages. “I’d always wanted to learn more about certain traditional techniques, stemming from my experience in textile design,” the designer said in a release. As such, The Rhythm of Color includes a screen, bench, shelving and a stool made from dyed woods including Sycamore and Birch applied and inlaid on Plywood substrates. The result is darkly minimalist and expressive. Repetition of Form consists of Bauhaus-inspired cubes and pyramids of interlocked tubular steel combined with industrial materials such as nylon webbing and resin; contrasting colors draw attention to each facade and create patterns. Lastly, Freedom Within Constraints is a range of screen printed textiles for upholstery and home furnishings that “explore color in a different and more spontaneous way.” The entire range was on view last weekend at the MatchesFashion lounge at Frieze Los Angeles.

Photography by Image Group.

Tubular Stool Marquetry Bench

Marquetry Screen

Marquetry Shelves

Marquetry Stool

Screen Printed Textiles 02 Screen Printed Textiles 01 Tubular Armchair