Feeling Anxious? Calm Down With an ASMR Interior Design Video. (Yes, It’s a Thing!)

If you’ve ever lulled yourself to sleep at night by watching a woman with slowly moving, perfectly manicured hands teaching you how to fold napkins, or a man quietly acting out a suit-fitting session, you’re probably already versed in the world of ASMR videos. For the rest of you — who have only seen the videos joked about in popular culture, or have watched one and gone, huh? — allow us to explain the appeal: Even if you don’t “have” classic ASMR, which can feel like an extremely heightened state of relaxation and induce a pleasant tingling feeling in your head, these are anxious, scary times. It certainly can’t hurt to listen to someone whispering to you about nonsense in the kind of soft-spoken voice your kindergarten teacher might have used.

The genius of the ASMR world is that the “nonsense” can be literally anything, so if you don’t find napkin-folding particularly relaxing, you could search Youtube for a soothing librarian video, or a soothing cooking video. What motivated us to do this post is that we discovered recently that there’s even a whole genre of videos devoted to faux design consultations, from whispery kitchen renovation meetings to a guy who’s just narrating himself drawing the floorplan of a house for 30 minutes. We’re sharing our favorite examples of interior design ASMR below, which, trust us, are exactly what you need right now to lift your spirits, whether they chill you out or make you laugh — or both.