Bofred Cape Town design studio

An Earthy New Furniture Collection, Inspired By the South African Coastline

There’s a lot that separates Muscat, Oman’s port capital, and Durban on the east coast of South Africa. But it’s their similarities that have inspired the new Bask Collection by up and coming South African design studio Bofred. Christa Botha and Carla Erasmus are the design duo behind Bofred, whose concept of home is an eclectic mix of the two coastal cities where they feel most relaxed and inspired. “It’s grainy deserts, soft oceans, foamy waves, wind-licked beaches and lime-washed buildings,” they write. “Home is busy, dusty street corners, vast swaths of muted earth, thunderstorms, cloudless skies, oases of saturated green, and horizons cut by jagged peaks.” All rich material for conceptualizing the textures, forms and colors of a new collection. “We naturally look to these places for inspiration, so it felt like the most authentic starting point,” they say. “Each piece in the Bask Collection is a unique recollection of a place and time in one of these cities.”

In the backyard of Erasmus’s family home in Durban stands a large cycad whose bulbous trunk inspired the concrete base of the Natal Floor Lamp, the first Bask piece. The materials and textures they used helped to shape the rest of the pieces which include a statement chair, a pleated pendant light, a brass wall sconce, a coffee table and side tables in natural materials like dark wood and sandstone. The arches incorporated into the table legs reference the many arches in Muscat’s most famous buildings and give a nod to Durban’s Art Deco aesthetic. The Bahla Chair takes its sculptural form from the pottery found in its namesake, the UNESCO World Heritage Site town of Bahla in Oman.

Bofred was established in 2015 in Cape Town — another palm-tree-dotted beach city — where their collections are locally produced. Their design process is 100% collaborative and takes cues from their shared tastes and fine art backgrounds; each product is reworked until they’re both in love with it. A larger collaboration kicks in when they start the prototyping process with their makers. “Their knowledge of the materials and how far it can be pushed is what elevates our design into something special,” they say.

It helps that the Bofred designers live in particularly beautiful parts of the world, but nevertheless the Bask Collection is a reminder that inspiration is waiting on your doorstep — especially if your doorstep is a sun-soaked beach.

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