DIY papier mache quarantine

The Texas Jeweler Plucking Sculptures from the Recycling Bin

Early in quarantine, way back in April, you couldn’t open Instagram without running into a designer teaching a papier-mâché tutorial. (We alone hosted at least two, and the gold standard remains Hopie Stockman from Block Shop teaching us how to make serpent-painted candlesticks.) Down in Austin, Texas, Sarah Murphy of the jewelry brand Hey Murphy caught the bug, like many of us did, and began making DIY papier-mâché pieces from what she calls “quarantine trash” as a creative distraction and release while she watched TV and drank wine (relatable). “The point was to not create any more waste and to do my best to use what we had in the house, so they are mostly made from the contents of our recycling bin,” Murphy says. “The darker green roundish one is made from an ice cream container, a pickle glass jar and cardboard; the orange multi-handled vessel is made from a liquid hand soap container, a disinfectant spray bottle, and cardboard, which is then covered in paper pulp.” Considering we appear to be entering yet another season spent inside alone, this is a DIY trend with some serious legs. Tag us with your creations if you decide to partake!

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