A Los Angeles Natural Wine Store Inspired by French Midcentury Groceries

Earlier last month, a bright, cozy, and colorful new shop opened in Los Angeles’s Atwater Village neighborhood. Called Wine & Eggs, the store — which sells natural wine and provisions, and in many ways reminds us of the LA version of Dimes Market — is the brainchild of Monica Navarro, owner of the beloved LA boutique Individual Medley (as well as a gem-focused wine store in the desert). For the interior, Navarro hired designer Adi Goodrich, in her first interiors project in Los Angeles. Goodrich, who is known primarily for her ultra-colorful installations for the likes of Instagram and Dropbox (and also known around these parts as the designer of our 2015 Think Big–inspired pop-up), worked with her partner in life and in Sing Sing Studio, Sean Pecknold, on the branding and tapped Clay Hickson to design the logo. But the interior itself is Goodrich’s vision, inspired by the small European grocery stores she used to frequent while living in France. “These spaces, designed in the mid-century, had a timelessness to them and above all, classiness,” Goodrich says. “Why can’t a grocery store feel special and fun while fulfilling the simple joy of shopping for your evening’s dinner?” A blue and green checkerboard vinyl floor anchors the space, and the curved shelving units are made from a warm cherry wood. Goodrich’s background in set design seems to inform the tiny vignettes that pop up around the store, like a window corner overflowing with merch, flowers, and kitchen stuff. Take a tour below!


WineEggs_FINAL-3253 WineEggs_FINAL-3283 WineEggs-Final-3442 WineEggs_FINAL-3499v2 WineEggs_FINAL-3350 WineEggs_FINAL-3379V2 WineEggs_FINAL-3386V2 WineEggs_FINAL-3400 WineEggs_FINAL-3428V2 WineEggs_FINAL-3458 WineEggs_FINAL-3464 WineEggs_FINAL-3526 WineEggs_FINAL-3333