For Its Second Fully Virtual Outing, This Danish Design Exhibition Gets Personal

As a virtual exhibition in the year 2021, Mindcraft is kind of doing the most. The showcase of contemporary and experimental Danish design is one of the oldest annual design shows going, having been in existence since 2008, and this year marks its second fully digital outing, after the organizers had to scrap plans to show in Milan last year. The interactive website includes individual designer pages, video interviews with the 10 designers and studios, an AR component, and a 3D experience. Of course, as with any exhibition like this, the bells and whistles don’t add up to much unless the quality of the work is there to support it, and in this case, thankfully, that is true. But while the AR component is interesting, it’s the videos that provide both context and emotional heft; our favorite projects and videos include Stine Mikkelsen, explaining how her colored vessels of crushed stone and fish glue mimic three of her most cherished sentimental objects, and Frederik Nystrup-Larsen and Oliver Sundqvist detailing how they made what amounts to the world’s most beautiful birdbath. Highly worth exploring after you’ve scrolled the photos below!

Photos by Anders Sune / 3D Renderings by Wang & Söderstrom

1.8_Mindcraft Project_group_photo_Anders Sune Berg(8) 1.1-crop_Mindcraft Project_group_photo_Anders Sune Berg(1) 2.3__Mindcraft Project_visual_Wang-Soderstrom Frederik Nystrup-Larsen - Oliver Sundqvist - 300kg Beauty Bath - photo_Anders Sune Berg(1)

Frederik Nystrup-Larsen & Oliver Sundqvist

1.4_Mindcraft Project_group_photo_Anders Sune Berg(4)

Else-Rikke Bruun, Stine Mikkelsen

91-92 - Morning Dip Side Table - photo_Anders Sune Berg

91-92Rasmus Fenhann - Ebano - photo_Anders Sune Berg(2)

Rasmus Fenhann

Bahraini-Danish - Bench 01 - photo_Anders Sune Berg(1)


2.1__Mindcraft Project_visual_Wang-Soderstrom 2.2__Mindcraft Project_visual_Wang-Soderstrom 91-92 - crop - photo_Anders Sune Berg


Mette Schelde - Ombre Light - photo_Anders Sune Berg(1)

Mette Schelde

Archival Studies - Chair 02 - photo_Anders Sune Berg(2)

Archival Studies

Bahraini-Danish - all - photo_Anders Sune Berg


Else-Rikke Bruun - Textile Veneer - photo_Anders Sune Berg(1)

Else-Rikke Bruun Frederik Nystrup-Larsen - Oliver Sundqvist - 300kg Beauty Bath - photo_Anders Sune Berg(2)

Frederik Nystrup-Larsen & Oliver Sundqvist Kasper Kjeldgaard - Suspense - photo_Anders Sune Berg(1)

Kasper Kjeldgaard

Stine Mikkelsen - In-tangibles - photo_Anders Sune Berg(1)

Stine Mikkelsen

Stine Bidstrup - Architectural Glass Fantasies - photo_Anders Sune Berg(4)

Stine Bidstrup