These Colorful Stools Look Like Spongy French Cookies, And That’s the Energy We Need Right Now

On view starting next week at Étage Projects in Copenhagen is a body of work by the Danish-born, Zurich-based artist Cristian Andersen which, despite its stark styling here, is kind of giving us the warm fuzzies. Andersen’s stools, which he makes from a variety of cast materials including ceramics, concrete, and puffy polyurethane, are called Macaron, and they do indeed resemble those spongy, French tuffet-like treats, even though IRL the layers are quite thick and dense. The pigmented stools are complemented by a series of lights in which looping bulbs are barely camouflaged by hammered and painted metal sheets. The stools are giving us similar vibes to Kueng Caputo’s Sand Chairs, another longtime favorite, and their happy color combinations are exactly the energy we need right now.

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