19 Projects We Loved at The 2021 Salone del Mobile — AKA the Supersalone

When we first heard many months ago that the Salone del Mobile — aka the Milan Furniture Fair — was moving forward with a September edition this year, after the pandemic knocked out its April 2020 and 2021 shows, our first reaction was to scoff. In the wake of the Delta variant, would it even be allowed to proceed? And if it were, would anyone attend? The organizers had branded it the “Supersalone,” but we wondered if it would be a “Teenysalone” instead. But the closer we got to September, the more our minds started to change. Invitations started pouring in, brands were announcing legit — albeit scaled-back — launches, and friends were confirming they’d booked their insanely overpriced hotel rooms. So in the end, we figured what the hell, let’s go and see if we can reclaim one of the more meaningful sources of normalcy in our lives: our once-yearly chance to gather with design friends from around the world. We’re happy to report that, for the most part, it was a success.

Sure, we had to turn down a few dinner invitations for lack of outdoor seating (even though we’re vaxxed, it’s scary to think of getting stuck quarantining far from home thanks to a breakthrough case). But once we all met up at Bar Basso each night, everything felt insanely, exhilaratingly familiar, and it was a great comfort. And then of course there was the fair itself! At the fairgrounds, the Salone organizers had taken the hiatus as an opportunity to shake up their approach, building new standardized exhibitor-booth frameworks that could be fully recycled post-show, and hiring a woman — Maria Porro — as the fair’s new president, which we almost fell off our seats when we heard. Elsewhere in town, Alcova galvanized dozens of hip galleries and studios in a bucolic compound of abandoned buildings and overgrown foliage that felt like a magical movie set, while folks like Hermes, Studiopepe, Dimore, and Nilufar brought their usual firepower (and in the case of Hermes, their usual gargantuan set-design budgets).

We’re documenting our favorite finds in two stories, today and tomorrow, today loosely representing the group shows and galleries and tomorrow loosely representing the brands and studios. If you missed the Supersalone, we hope to bring it to life for you here, and we hope even more than we can all go back next April, if fate and the pandemic cooperate.


OoCI-Etage Projects_Alcova 2021_14 OoCI-Etage Projects_Alcova 2021_16 OoCI-Etage projects_Objects_10 OoCI-Etage projects_Objects_13 OoCI-Etage projects_Objects_16Objects of Common Interest for Etage Projects
Feelgood_Studio_Chacha2 Feelgood_Chungjae_Kim3 Feelgood_Chungjae_Kim2Glass shelves and tables by Studio Chacha and resin objects by Chungjae Kim, presented as part of the Korean collective Team Feelgood12_AGGLOMERATI_FredGanim_MASS Collection_Medium_ph_Ben Westoby 14_AGGLOMERATI_FredGanim_MASS Collection_Large_ph_Ben WestobyMarble works by Fred Ganim for Agglomerati; photos by Ben Westoby
01 Theodóra-Alfreðsdóttir---Keilir-(pestle-and-mortar)-02 16 Jamie-Wolfond---Type-(vase)03 04-Marco-Campardo---Gridnick-(plate) 06-Marco-Campardo---Boro(toilet-paper-holder)-02 12-House-Number---Norma-Studio-02 13Michael-Schoner---Fruit-RackWorks from the new Italian brand Gilda Editions, from top: mortar and pestle by Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir, vase by Jamie Wolfond, glass plate and glass toilet paper holder by Marco Campardo, house numbers by Norma Studio, fruit rack by Michael Schöner

Nilufar Gallery

12_GC_Nilufar_BethanLauraWood_ORNATE_phAngusMills 10_GC_Nilufar_BethanLauraWood_ORNATE_phAngusMills 22_GC_Nilufar_BethanLauraWood_Aperitivo Mirror_ph.EmanueleTortora 13_GC_Nilufar_BethanLauraWood_MeisenCabinet Little Bug_ph.EmanueleTortora 16_GC_Nilufar_BethanLauraWood_MeisenCabinet Tall Bug_ph.EmanueleTortora 18_GC_Nilufar_BethanLauraWood_Meisen Desk_ph.EmanueleTortoraBethan Laura Wood
02_GC_Nilufar_Gòrgone_Filippo Carandini 03_GC_Nilufar_Pergamo_Filippo CarandiniFilippo Carandini
05_GC_NILUFAR_AudreyLarge_Setting_©mattiaiotti 03_GC_NILUFAR_AudreyLarge_Setting_©mattiaiottiAudrey Large

Nilufar Depot

06_GC_NILUFAR DEPOT_SUN-RA Collection_NANDA VIGO_JPC Universe_©mattiaiotti 08_GC_NILUFAR_SUN-RA Collection_NANDAVIGO_©mattiaiotti 10_GC_NILUFAR_SUN-RA Collection_NANDAVIGO_©mattiaiottiNanda Vigo
CS_White_v01 BL_White_v02Andres Reisinger


ARPA_MDW2021_DAILY_11 ARPA_MDW2021_DAILY_08 ARPA_MDW2021_DAILY_16 ARPA_MDW2021_DAILY_21 ARPA_MDW2021_DAILY_13Constance Guisset’s Materiorama installation for the laminates brand


25 UniFor_ Installation by Ron Gilad_ ph DSL Studio_HR 26 UniFor_ Installation by Ron Gilad_ ph DSL Studio_HR 11_UniFor_Museo_ph.Alberto Strada_HR 16_Unifor_Parigi_Aldo Rossi_ph.Mario Carrieri_1989_HRThe brand re-issued four of Aldo Rossi’s archival designs from the ’80s and ’90s (bottom two photos), then invited Ron Gilad to create an installation around them in its Milan showroom (top two photos)


01_GC_MINGARDO_AFFR_ph.MatteoImbriani 06_GC_MINGARDO_AFFR_JaimeHayon_Instrument N01 candleholder_ph.MatteoImbriani 08_GC_MINGARDO_AFFR_PhilippeMalouin_Stack candleholder_ph.MatteoImbriani 18_GC_MINGARDO_AFFR_PatriciaUrquiola_Hope candleholder_ph.MatteoImbrianiCandlesticks to support cancer research, by 10 designers including Jaime Hayon (face), Philippe Malouin (green), and Patricia Urquiola (purple)

Dior Medallion Chair

210709_dior4753s 210709_dior4766s17 designers reinterpreting Dior’s Medallion chair, including Nendo, Pierre Yovanovitch, Martino Gamper, and (our favorite, who made both chairs pictured above) Jingyeong Yeon

Doppia Firma

Daniele Mingardo Artisan Philippe Malouin DesignerLaila Pozzo per Doppia Firma 21 MFCC, FCMA, LivingPhilippe Malouin collaborating with metal workshop Daniele Mingardo
BAM Design Artisans Odd Matter DesignersLaila Pozzo per Doppia Firma 21 MFCC, FCMA, LivingOdd Matter collaboratin with metal workshop BAM Design
Morelato Artisans Dorothee Meilichzon DesignerLaila Pozzo per Doppia Firma 21 MFCC, FCMA, LivingDorothée Meilichzon collaborating with wood workshop Morelato

CTMP Design Auction by Mr. Lawrence and CAMBI

CTMP_Cara-DavideCara Davide
CTMP_MiloDesch_Metapoly2 CTMP_MiloDesch_MetapolyMilo Desch
CTMP_Diego Faivre - hippo CTMP_Diego Faivre - two black stool and an hippo enter into a barDiego Faivre


0M4A2040-Mohd@studiopepe-silviarivoltella-02 0M4A0706-Mohd@studiopepe-silviarivoltella-01Installation by Studiopepe


AQVA_Products_Feng_Room_Divider_by_Gebrüder_Thonet_Vienna AQVA_Products_Insula_Aquamater_Mirror_by_AtlasprojectThe online platform commissioned works inspired by water from its stable of brands and designers, including Gebruder Thonet (divider) and Atlas Project (mirror)

Officina Saffi Award

OfficinaSaffi2 OfficinaSaffi4An exhibition of the award finalists, including Anton Alvarez and Ian McDonald


Milan 2021 - Hermes ©Maxime Verret - RVB - 21 - Preview Milan 2021 - Hermes ©Maxime Verret - RVB - 01 - Preview Milan 2021 - Hermes ©Maxime Verret - RVB - 03 - Preview Milan 2021 - Hermes ©Maxime Verret - RVB - 08 - Preview Milan 2021 - Hermes ©Maxime Verret - RVB - 15 - PreviewThe brand’s new home releases included colorful blankets and a striped chair designed by Studio Mumbai