39 Dinner Plates To Help You Set the Table, No Matter How Indecisive You Are

I’m not gonna lie: I’ve been working on this dinnerware round-up since April of 2021, and there’s a few reasons for that. One, of course, is that we’ve been working steadily on our book, which, with luck, will be out this fall! Another is that I have major decision fatigue from renovating my own house, so how could I possibly begin to tell you what to buy for your own home? But the main reason is that once you start sifting through the design-y dinnerware options available on the internet, it becomes an almost insurmountable task, especially since I *am* simultaneously shopping for myself. Do I want ceramic or glass dinnerware? White or colored? Rustic or sophisticated? Trendy or classic? Crazily patterned or subtly textured? Is pink over? Why is a thick lip so appealing right now? What the heck goes with a burl wood dining table? Will food photograph nicely against whatever I choose because, yes, I will be foisting food photography upon my followers, thanks for asking?

So while we’ve chosen 39 different dinnerware sets for you, this is by no means an exhaustive list. We aren’t even getting into vintage sets here (may we interest you in this Pablo Picasso set from 1947 that goes for $137,000?) but perhaps that’s another round-up for another day. And if you have favorites that we overlooked, DM us on Instagram and maybe we’ll feature it there as well! Until then, happy shopping!

Large Straight Edge Dinner Plate by Merchant Home, $22

Rolled Rim Entree Plate by Soft Edge, $110 (sold out currently but sign up for next batch release!)

Ripple Dinner Plate by Haand, $45

Tawus Square Plate by Studiopepe for Les Ottomans, $70

Ceramic Dinner Plate by Valtierra Ceramics, $50

Ether Dinner Plate by Jonathan Adler, $30

Teema Dinner Plate by Kaj Franck for Iittala, $27

Bold Plate by Stine Keinicke, $82

Frankie Dinner Plate and Snack Plate, $16 and $12

Essential Dinner Plate by Hawkins New York, $48 for a set of 4

Este Ceramiche for Moda Domus, $260 for a set of 4

Heller White Melamine Dinner Plate, $11

Leopardo Macchia Plate by Stories of Italy, $702 for a set of 6

Rainbow Enamel Dinner Plate by Hay, $22

Pink Milk Glass Dinner Plate by Mosser, $35

Lines Dinner Plate by NJRD, $18.50

Coup Dinner Plate by Nicholas Newcomb x ASHNYC, $88

Russel Wright American Modern Dinner Plate by Bauer Pottery, $160 for a set of 4

Dinner Plate by Homata, $16.75

Arty French Glass Dinnerware by Luminarc, $95 for a 12-piece set

Paratissi Plate by Birger Kaipiainen for Arabia, $45

Rainbow Verde Porcelain Set by La Double J, $95 for a dinner and soup plate

Large Plate by Departo, $24

Nordic Kitchen Porcelain Dinner Plate by Eva Solo, $96 for a set of 4

Oyster Dinner Plate by Mateus, $34.50

Perla Lola Dinner Plate by Perla Valtierra, $90

Il Viaggio Di Nettuno by Luke Edward Hall for Richard Ginori, $218 for a set of 2

Sargadelos Porcelain Dinnerware for MoMA Design Store, $120 for a set of 4

Main Plates by Our Place, $50 for a set of 4

Large Dish by by La Ceramica Vincenzo Del Monaco, $70

Coupe Dinner Plate by Heath Ceramics, $40

Tempered glass dinner plate by Luminarc, $8.50

Rococo Dinner Plate by East Fork, $46

Hasami Porcelain Dinner Plate, $100

Revol French Porcelain Caractère Dinnerware, $97 for a salad and dinner plate

Cucina Colori Dinnerware Plate Set, $200 for 6 salad and dinner plates