This Copenhagen Gallery’s First Show Features a Cheese Cracker–Like Room Divider

Copenhagen may be famed for Danish Modern furniture, but the contemporary designs on show at a new gallery in the city’s Østerbro neighborhood are decidedly more exciting (for us, anyway). The debut exhibition at Carlota Oyarzun gallery occupies two rooms of a private residence, which boasts historic details and enviable herringbone floors. In wonderful contrast to the period features, the group show, titled It Will Follow, brings together 14 local and international designers who explore “how bold materials are adapted to function with simplicity in form and subtle detailing.”

There are quite a few stand-outs among the set, most notably a folding screen that looks like it’s made from giant cheese crackers with nibbled edges. The Studiolow piece is actually formed of a wooden structure covered in foam and spray-painted cheddar yellow, while a similar hue is found on Pablo Bolumar’s canvas Beeswax pendant. Ceramics include Jordan McDonald’s Folded Vases and sconces, which have wobbly pleated sides, and vessels by Xavier Toubes that appear to be modeled by combining every color in a Play-Doh set.

More restrained are a simple plywood dresser by Waka Waka, made slightly more playful with a scalloped back, and Frederik Fialin’s stool comprising just three flat steel sheets. There’s even a chair for mid-century modern fans too. But this classic Eames-style design has been hacked by Markus Friedrich Staab, who warped its plywood form, and added striped acrylic and a dark stain for a much more punk look. Smack in the middle of it all is Mike Ruiz’s beloved white gypsum coffee table, looking perfectly perfect in the mix. By appointment.