stained glass mirrors

These Stained Glass Mirrors Are a Little Bit Art Deco, a Little Bit California Bungalow

The stained-glass mirrors by Australian artist Poppy Templeton are both artful and homey. A little Art Deco and a little wood-paneled California bungalow or rambling old house — an inspiration for Templeton were the decorative leaded windows she grew up with at home — they also bring to mind Josef Albers’ early glass grid works. Featuring patterns of primary colors and geometric shapes, they’re as functional as they are decorative, channeling the interaction of light and color, and the play of reflection and translucence.

Templeton, who works under the name Duck Ragu, frequently uses found mirror pieces and vintage glass to create her handmade works. And she often employs the Tiffany technique, developed in the nineteenth century by Lewis Comfort Tiffany (of Tiffany lamp fame), using copper foil to connect the glass pieces, which are soldered with lead (so they should be handled sparingly and safely to avoid lead exposure). The first collection of six stained glass mirrors launched earlier this year at Modern Times in Melbourne and custom orders of the Duotone, Moon, Check, and Stripe mirrors are available on the Duck Ragu site, along with other glass forms that Templeton crafts.