This NYC Hotel Boasts Central Park Vistas and Insane Marble Bathrooms

For visitors to New York City, whether first-timers or repeat travelers, a view over Central Park from their hotel room typically ranks on most wishlists but can often be hard to come by. Finding a space with interiors that are equally as visually captivating is even more rare. Enter the brand new Thompson Central Park, whose Upper Stories rooms check both boxes to a T. The hotel opened in September 2022 in the former Parker Hotel building, and is located on 56th Street, three blocks down from the city’s most famous green space. It’s far enough away from Times Square to avoid the tourist chaos, yet close enough to still dive into the action for a sightseeing spin or a Broadway show; it’s also right by MoMA and the ever-expanding Rockefeller Center offerings in case you, like us, also need your anchovies and butter fix midday.

Renovated by New York studio Stonehill Taylor (they also did the TWA hotel by JFK airport), the earth-toned guest rooms are accented with richly colored sofa upholstery, whether it’s deep blues, sage greens or warm russets. Similar hues are used for the furniture in a private access lounge, reserved for Upper Stories guests and designed by Thomas Juul Hansen. Back in the suites, paravent screens allow the living and dining areas to be partitioned, while black oak casework and headboards add to the sophisticated air, and a variety of sculptural lighting helps to set the mood.

While the crisp white duvets, hand-tufted rugs, and assortment of curated objects are all immediately alluring, the real highlight is the Thompson Suite bathrooms, whose walls and floors are tiled entirely in marble, veined as if someone’s just poured milk into an iced coffee. Generous vanities and large mirrors make them feel even more spacious than they are. And how much do we want to bet those floors are heated? Sign us up for a staycation stat!