Gaetano Pesce Vases and a Cabinet That Looks Like a Japanese Capsule Hotel: Inside Melbourne’s Newest Fashion Boutique

A jewelry cabinet that looks like a scaled-down Japanese capsule hotel, with chartreuse-colored compartments fronted by metal and glass doors; a glossy deep-red lacquer applied around the edges of the ceiling; a Gaetano Pesce vase: We’re all familiar with the adage “shop ‘til you drop,” but at the Melbourne boutique Stable, designed by Studio Manifold, you might actually want to lounge for hours (preferably in that cozy black-and-white upholstered chair?). The Australia-based studio recently refreshed the interiors of the store, previously known as Filly’s Stable, to showcase an edited selection of women’s fashion and accessories alongside a variety of objects sourced from across time periods and locations.

The Studio Manifold team met Stable founder Lauren Nicholls through a mutual friend; conscious of impacting trade, a decision was made to avoid any large and time-consuming interventions, and instead create impact through small yet bold gestures, and the inclusion of various decorative pieces. This way, the store was able to reopen after only five and a half weeks. The interventions include a shiny chrome shelving unit filled with sunglasses stock; a glossy, Tetris-like plinth in the center of the space; custom green checkered curtains; Italian space-age lighting and coat hooks; mid-century Danish furniture; and a host of locally sourced and custom-made pieces. The mix of locations and eras resulted in a look that Nicholls describes as “old-world and not too fancy.”

A desire to create a more thoughtful, sensory, and community-oriented experience also led to the inclusion of a seating area, where shoppers can relax, chat, and stay as long as they like. In the age of isolated online shopping, this approach to customer experience is bound to be appreciated by many.