Designed in Australia and Woven in Argentina, These Rugs Reinvigorate Three Classic Patterns

The Australian textiles and homeware brand Pampa was founded in 2013 by the Argentinian-born, Australia-based designer and photographer Victoria Aguirre and her partner, Carl Wilson. Their rugs — with their cozy tufts, ethically sourced materials, and earthy colors that seem to fit seamlessly into any space — quickly became a favorite of interior designers around the world. (A Pampa rug even found its way to this editor’s basement renovation in 2019.) So it makes sense that for their first collaboration, Pampa teamed up with one of Australia’s most beloved interior design studios: We Are Triibe, the Byron Bay firm founded by Christina Symes and Jessica D’Abadie. The two studios began toying with the idea of a collaborative rug collection at the beginning of 2020, born from a mutual desire to use textiles to introduce warmth, depth, and texture into the home. The results of their collaboration, FORMA, launched last year; initially released in burgundy and brown, camel and bone, the new colorway launching here — olive and camel — is meant to call to mind the colors of the Australian hinterland, reminding customers, especially those in Australia, of our interconnectedness.

For FORMA, the two studios took three classic geometric patterns, favorites of the interior design community — a checkerboard, an offset stripe, and stripes of varying widths — and reimagined them with soft edges, imperfect squares, and a warm color palette that’s achieved using natural pigments. Each Pampa rug is made in Argentina and the wool is hand-dyed by artisan weavers before being woven into shape. “What we really wanted to do was work with the weavers to create contemporary and classic designs which was an exploration into new patterns,” says D’Abadie. “These Andes weavers work predominantly with an intricate weave with a tight, soft yarn in traditional design methods. We were so fortunate that the weavers we worked with were open to applying this technique in a new way — and not only open to it, but really excited about it too. It made the process feel incredibly seamless and collaborative between us, Pampa and their weavers.” View the beautiful campaign — shot by Aguirre and D’Abadie on both digital and film — then head here to read more about the collection.