Outdoor Furniture is Having a Moment — Here Are the Perfect Small Accessories to Accompany Your New Patio Scheme

Trees communicate with each other, plants sense things. Is it overly sentimental to consider these living beings — that produce the air we breathe — as friends? The answer is no. And to help care for these friends, and the spaces they inhabit with us, is the new indoor/outdoor Garden collection from Audo Copenhagen. Whether you have a green thumb or are still developing one, the vases, planters, gardening tools, and oil lanterns from this Danish company will have you covered, and in modern, minimal Scandinavian style. (This past June, the furniture brands MENU and By Lassen — as well as the Danish multifunctional space The Audo — merged to become Audo Copenhagen).

As part of Audo’s Garden collection, the Hydrous line focuses on the needs of indoor plants. The term “watering can” doesn’t quite do justice to the sleek, stainless steel long-spouted vessel with a wood handle. It so naturally fits with the two-piece ceramic Hydrous planter, available in ochre as well as a kind of greige: You pour water into the saucer and a nylon wick carries it up to the soil. A mister, in matching stainless, keeps leaves looking fresh. For indoor floral décor, the Hana vases, designed by Copenhagen-based studio Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen, are inspired by the Japanese flower-arranging art ikebana. Offered in three stoneware variations, each has a removeable ceramic flower frog (kenzan) that sits inside to hold stems and branches in place. For plant cuttings or to sprout larger seeds, Audo is introducing the Cresco propagation vases — ceramic-lidded glass vessels that have an elegance that matches their utility. And speaking of utility, the collection also includes watering sticks: earthenware rods you fill with water and insert into the soil of potted plants to provide proper hydration. (Consider it a chicer version of what we’ve always considered the hilariously named Plant Nanny.)

For outdoor gardeners, there’s a set of five unfussy yet good looking tools. Made in collaboration with Spanish cutlery company Pallarès, these carbon steel implements have beechwood handles and vegetable-tanned leather straps. And for post-gardening enjoyment and entertaining, Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen have also designed the Meira oil lanterns. Ceremonial but not at all stuffy, they illuminate outdoor spaces with a torch-like flame. They come in four different heights and shapes, fabricated in rust-resistant powder-coated steel, and with an internal oil chamber that can be refilled.

Last but definitely not least, in addition to the Hydrous planters, are the Daiza planters — neutral, glossy ceramic bodies set on powder-coated metal stands — and the Plantas pots, which are more organic in shape, feature a textured matte ivory finish, and sit directly on surfaces. Both are made for interior spaces but can withstand weather if handled properly. Altogether, it’s a wealth of accessories that will let you make the most of outdoor areas now and cultivate the indoors year-round.