Each Rug in the Latest Collection from Cc-Tapis Looks Like a Portal to Somewhere Else

The Yabu Pushelberg designs for cc tapis’ new Memento collection are surrealistic and ephemeral in the way that dreams can be — those images and feelings you can’t quite hold onto when you wake, but also can’t quite shake. The Milan-based rug maker teamed up with the storied design studio — founded by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg in 1980, operating out of Toronto and New York — to take resonant moments and abstract them into shape and color.

Made of hand-knotted Himalayan wool at the cc-tapis atelier in Nepal, Memento features a trio of undyed, tone-on-tone variations in off-kilter geometries — Axo, Iso, and Ortho. And four square styles: the neutral Drift, gray-brown Laneway, the icy blue and muted mustard combo of Echo and the deep, marine blues of Dome.

There are arches that could be doorways; squares, trapezoids, and circles that could be windows; portals to somewhere else. Or not. These designs are not so much figurative as suggestive. Like a fleeting memory that takes you out of the present but can’t exactly put you in the past. What is foreground and what is background keeps shifting, sometimes literally with the depth of the pile. Shadows seem to loom but maybe they’re not shadows after all. These are quiet, meditative pieces that may not immediately call a ton of attention to themselves — they could work in so many spaces — but will draw your eye, hold your interest, and maybe even put you in a contemplative mood.