Channel Your Personal Style With Fashion-Inspired Mirrors by Ready to Hang, Bower’s New Sister Brand

Mirrors, quite literally, reflect the way we see ourselves. They’re a critical connection to our identities, and they allow us to check in with the way we present ourselves to the world. So why shouldn’t the mirrors themselves align with our own personal style? “The mirror is the most important thing in your home,” swears Bower Studios partner Jeffrey Renz. “And depending on the mirror, it can impact your experience.” And so, after 10 years in business, Bower has launched a kind of “ready to wear” equivalent of its existing bespoke, more “couture” product line: Aptly named Ready to Hang, the new sister brand offers a lower, more accessible price point and is designed to be enjoyed by a wider — and, most likely, younger and very online — audience. (The prices currently range from $495-$895 as opposed to Bower’s typical offerings, which start in the low four figures.) “You can find super high-end, collectible pieces out in the market, and you can find a lot of mass-market, big-box type stuff,” says Renz. “It felt to us like there was something missing in the middle.” 

Within the new brand are fashion references galore, with the RTH mirrors borrowing shapes from apparel and from colors and trends currently in vogue. There’s the Zip Mirror, which features rows of oversized tongue-and-groove notches down the sides of a rectangular pane, and the Puffer Mirror, which borrows its plump rounded edges from down jackets and Loewe’s inflated sunglasses. More subtly, the Bezel Mirror has a contrasting color on the inner edge of its rounded rectangle frame, similar to the lining of a suit cuff. The Squeeze Mirror’s shapely form, indented with a pair of wooden hemispheres — in the first drop, painted a bright Bottega Veneta–inspired green — looks a bit like a model posing with hands on hips. There are even nods to garment care labels found on the backs of the mirrors.

Bower will release its Ready to Hang collections in “drops,” introducing new colorways and designs every few weeks to keep things fresh, help the collection to grow, and drive excitement around the products. The debut collection dropped on October 19, and the next is due on November 16. Further into the future, the studio sees the potential to introduce more materials, add product types, and expand beyond the US and Canada to other international markets. For now, we’ll be eagerly awaiting what comes next.