This Thanksgiving, Look Cute While Making a Statement in One of These Sight Unseen–Approved Aprons

Well, what do you know? Turns out all I needed to have fun on the internet again was to go shopping for aprons. What a strange pocket of online shopping — and historical discourse — aprons inhabit! They’re somehow everywhere you’d least expect them to be (did you know Gen Z fashion fave Tyler McGillivary used to make one?) and not at all in the places you’d think to look. (I’m truly shocked there’s not a Bode or a Thank You Have a Good Day apron out there pieced from antique kitchen linens.) In my research, I found a cream-colored, double-stitched linen set from Brunello Cucinelli, for when you don’t want to stain your $1,800 cable-knit sweater but you don’t mind getting a little schmutz on the $750 garment you bought to protect it. I discovered that, once upon a time, Fondazione Achille Castiglioni made their own version. I found one by Sandy Liang embroidered with the phrase “i am going to be my own kind of princess,” and I honestly couldn’t tell if that was a serious sentiment or a comment on the act of feminist reclamation wearing an apron can sometimes entail. I read a Vogue article that recommended you roast a chicken in full leathers.

The 37 examples I landed upon aren’t quite so wild as that (nor, despite their potentially peekaboo nature, do they even begin to approximate the naughtiness of this Duchamp; labeled an apron, it’s actually a potholder, but who’s counting). And I came away from this exercise understanding that the apron-buying public is vastly underserved; so much beige linen, not enough fun! Why isn’t every cool restaurant across America selling aprons as merch? Regardless, the 37 aprons below are extremely solid, fashionable, sometimes surreal choices for when you’re basting a turkey, glass of wine in hand, two weeks from today. Please enjoy and DM us any favorites we might have missed!

Top: Vintage photo from the 1964 opening on Habitat in London

The Pocket Apron by Oddli and Nala, $90

LaDoubleJ Multicolor Pattern Apron, $120

Marimekko Pieni Unikko Apron, $58

Gohar World Striped and Scalloped Apron, $78

Dusen Dusen Egg Apron, $48

TEKLA Stain apron, $130

Fog Linen Work Full Apron, $80

Ferm Living Hale Apron, $55

Chateau Orlando x Spotti Apron & Bread Bag Combo, $99

MINNA Utility Apron, $160

Hay Sobremesa Apron, $45

Steak Diane Le Homard Apron, $80

The Conran Shop Wavy Apron, $42

Our Place Hosting Apron, $50

Erewhon Apron, $88

Merci Washed Linen Apron, $65


Hawkins New York Essential Check Apron, $48

Laura Ashley x Batsheva Apron, $30

IKEA Vinterfint apron, $9.99

Hedley & Bennett Essential Apron, $95

Risdon & Risdon Potter’s Split Leg Apron, $168


Heather Taylor Home Apron, $78

Maison Balzac Cello Apron, $65

Crate & Barrel Egg Yolk Yellow Apron by Molly Baz, $24.97

Salter House Linen Apron, $60

Niwaki Apron, $48

Once Milano Apron, $98

MINNA Half Apron, $72

Bleu Metiers Bavette Apron, $135

Niime Tamaki Organic Cotton Aprons, $198

Gravel & Gold Hickory Stripe Apron, $75

Food52 Gingham Linen Apron, $24.99

ToK Japanese Apron, $58

Carhartt Firm Duck Apron, $39.99

Classic chef apron, $49.94

Reversible Liberty of London Ruffle Apron, $98

Coyuchi Sonoma Textured Organic Apron, $58