These Bauhausian, Artisan-Made Rugs Embody The Spirit of Argentina

When you think of Argentina, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Steak? Soccer? For many, it’s tango —the passionate partner dance that’s fast, fiery, and frankly far too complicated for my two left feet. Since Australian textile brand Pampa works with skilled artisans in remote parts of Argentina, as well as across Latin America, the company has chosen to dedicate its latest collection of rugs to the vibrant culture of its partners. So using bright red natural dyes to color the 100% wool fibers, they created the Tango collection as an homage to the spirit of Argentina, and specifically to its national dance.

“Weaving with an intense vibrant color like red not only makes our artisan partners happy but also resonates deeply with the love for color ingrained in our Latin American culture,” says Pampa creative director Victoria Aguirre. “Today, we pay tribute to this tradition.” The striped and color-blocked designs in the collection all incorporate the bold red hue in varying degrees. Some are full-bleed, while others are tempered with beige and black for a slightly more subtle effect. As seen in the beautifully shot campaign images, Bauhaus and Brutalist influences also permeate the large-format carpets, many of which come in multiple size options.

Pampa’s connection to Argentina runs deep. The brand, founded in 2013 by Aguirre and her partner, Carl Wilson, aims to protect the country’s traditions of manual weaving, which are slowly disappearing. Pampa means ‘plain between the mountains’ in the Incan Quechua language, and its products are intended to offer a grounding experience through the tactility of their natural fibers. The company works closely with its artisan communities, small-scale farmers, and social enterprises, providing them with fair wages and supporting them to preserve their heritage and fine craftsmanship. All the more reason to dust off the metaphorical dancing shoes, and, er, cut a rug?