Week of January 29, 2024

A weekly Saturday recap to share with you our favorite links, discoveries, exhibitions, and more from the past seven days. This week: paintings made by a giant squeegee, a perfectly preserved Art Deco hunting lodge outside of Paris, and a Barcelona apartment inspired by the 1992 Olympics.


Dutch artist Thomas Trum’s work continues to captivate us in his latest exhibition, Autobahn, at The Hole gallery in Los Angles. A series of large-scale murals and paintings featuring overlapping swaths of color — with matching gallery furniture thrown in for good measure — the pieces reflect Trum’s experimental approach to mark-making. In his work, he often develops purpose-built tools like giant felt-tip pens or custom spraying machines; his works on canvas are applied with a giant handmade squeegee.  

A straggler from Maison & Object, where Project 213A presented variations on works we’ve seen before, alongside a few new pieces. But the combination of a faux metallic leather sofa and wall-to-wall green carpet was simply too good not to show you. The exhibition was held in the gallery space of a new Paris restaurant called Halo, in the second arrondissement.


In addition to publishing his excellent Modernist architecture and interiors photos on Sight Unseen, Adam Stech is a frequent contributor to everyone’s favorite magazine, The World of Interiors, which is where we spotted these stop-you-in-your-tracks images of a 1930s Art Deco villa designed by French interior designer Pierre Petit. (Actually it’s referred to as a hunting lodge, but I don’t know any hunting lodges that have a grand spiral staircase like that!) It’s on the market but anyone looking!

A Barcelona apartment inspired by the 1992 Olympics, this cozy space — designed by Isabel Francoy in collaboration with Anna Enrich and styled by Santa Living — captures many of our favorite current obsessions while simultaneously introducing us to several new talents. I particularly love the kitchen table by Cristian Herrera Dalmau and the sculptural coffee tables and vase by Sara Regal. The art throughout is by Chidy Wayne, who we’ll be featuring in the coming weeks! Photos © Javi Dardo

This eyewear boutique in Bucharest, designed by Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio, owes a heavy debt to Enzo Mari and his Autoprogettazione furniture, and frankly we love that about it. Excellent color palette, too! 


Two more loves from the Paris fairs: First up, Patio II, one of the last collections by the late designer Pauline Deltour, who left drawing boards filled with sketches for her Tolix collaboration when she passed away in 2021. Her team  worked with Tolix to complete the design, which reads like a warmer, more refined version of the Bouroullecs Palissade collection for Hay.

Then, there is Stucco by Schneid, which expands the German studio‘s interest in modular lighting forms. Available in three colors and shapes, users are encouraged to mix and match.

Melbourne designer Rachel Donath just released her 2024 collection, called Golden. Made from oak or travertine and featuring a patchwork of cutouts, the pieces seem perfectly suited to the Southern hemisphere’s endless summer.