With Its Whimsical Ceramics and Mirrored Lounges, Project 213A is Bringing a Bit of Joy to 2022

If you needed more proof that we’re living in something of a golden age of small-batch production, look no further than the new design brand and housewares shop Project 213A, which was founded in 2020 by four friends and is based between London, Paris, and Portugal. The founders — each of whom comes from a different background, from footwear to finance — started the project as another outlet for their creativity; it’s still a side hustle for each of them. But in the last two years they’ve built up a joyful portfolio of that mixes the kind of ceramic silhouettes that are popular right now with wild cards that keep you guessing like a fully mirrored low lounge, a multicolored tiled bench, and a chestnut wood milking stool, with one lone leg carved in the shape of a foot. All products are handmade in Northern Portugal with local craftsmen and locally sourced materials, either in low-production runs or made to order so as to minimize waste. Fun fact: The name of the brand refers to the address of a flat above a London laundromat, where each founder lived at some point over the last few years. Scroll through for some of our favorite products below!

Project_213A_Mirror_Loungechair 3 Project_213A_Mirror_Schlapenke_Bench Project_213A_Foot_Stool 3 Project_213A_Tom_PorterRPorter 7 Project_213A_Mirror_Schlapenke_LoungeChair 2 Project_213A_Cane_Chair Project_213A_Tom_PorterRPorter 9 Project_213A_Wooden_Sidetable 2 Project_213A_Fantastic_Mirror Project_213A_Tom_PorterRPorter 1 Project_213A_Wooden_Sidetable 8 Project_213A_Mirro_Loungechair 1 Project_213A_Tom_PorterRPorter 10 Project_213A_Tom_PorterRPorter 6 Project_213A_Mirror_Loungechair 6 Project_213A_Fantastic_Mirror 8 Project_213A_Mirror_Schlapenke_Bench 2 Project_213A_Tom_PorterRPorter Project_213A_Tom_PorterRPorter 2 Project_213A_Tom_PorterRPorter 4