In Her Debut Interior, Tabitha Organ Uses Texture To Create the Illusion of Time

In 2023, after a decade of working in the industry — most notably with that subject of eternal Sight Unseen fascination, Sella Concept — Tabitha Organ founded her own interior design studio, Tabitha Isobel. Its first residential project, a five-floor Victorian townhouse in London, predictably wows. A previous renovation left the space devoid of character, so the goal was to restore some of its former glory while speaking to the current moment and anticipating the future. The studio achieved this with a mix of vintage and new elements and a contrast throughout between hits of reflective, shiny chrome surfaces and the warmth and richness of wood.

Like her previous employer, Organ excels at mixing both textures and eras. On the lower ground floor, a rare ’70s lacquered rosewood Heals coffee table and a ’70s Italian chrome floor lamp pair with velvet furniture and marble wall lamps, all backdropped by a textural moiré wall covering by Dedar. Instead of tearing up a new-ish kitchen, the studio added green tulip-wood veneered cabinet doors and stainless-steel backsplashes, as well as a banquette breakfast nook beneath a vintage aluminum pendant. The living room’s focal point is a green marble fireplace, whose calming color balances out bold patterns like the Schumacher fabric used to reupholster a chrome-legged ’70s armchair. A Dara Maison sofa mingles with Fred Rigby coffee tables beneath a George Nelson Bubble lamp. And in the dining area, cantilevered leather chairs and a 1970s marble dining table lend a shiny Tom Dixon pendant the patina of age. The primary bedroom, with its soothing tidal and earthy palette, custom solid walnut bed, and squishy brown armchairs, feels like a vintage-inspired cocoon, while its bathroom is all warm reds and browns — terracotta tiles, walnut burl wood cabinets, with flashes of metal in the chrome handles and aluminum mirror frames. Walk around the corner and you’re met with one last jolt of modernity — a wash of cobalt blue glazed tiles in the shower.