Elyse Graham American Design Hot List 2017

Elyse Graham

Los Angeles, elysegraham.com
We’ve been following Elyse Graham’s experiments in resin for ages, which this year took the Los Angeles–based artist in a moody, unexpected direction. For her Black Magic collection, Graham pours, carves, sands and polishes pigmented resin into otherworldly planters, vases, and nesting tables.

What is American design to you, and what excites you about it?

American design is characterized by its inclusivity and innovation. It’s inspiring to have an unconventional practice that is appreciated and taken seriously. I thrive in not being constrained by a particular style or material and I’m excited by the freedom to experiment with materials and processes where the only limit is my imagination.

What are your plans and highlights for the upcoming year?

This coming year, I’m thrilled to be collaborating with several talented designers whose work I greatly admire. In the studio, I am always exploring different methods and ways to use my materials. Currently, we are prototyping some new objects (top secret for now) that are inspired in part by techniques developed in the Black Magic Collection. In addition to that, we are working on a series of vessels with a focus on pattern and translucency.

What inspires or informs your work in general?

Experimentation is the spark that ignites all the projects in our studio. Whether we’re developing a new process for working with a material, a new pattern or palette, our approach is always, let’s try and see! I like to say yes more than no and maintain a sense of curiosity and excitement. Our work is also driven by color. I am constantly searching for juxtapositions of hues that energize or excite me. Our forms are often vehicles for an exploration of our palettes—I think this sets our studio apart more than anything else.

ADHL17_ElyseGraham_BlackMagicTables ADHL17_ElyseGraham_BlackMagicPapuaPlanter ADHL17_ElyseGraham_BlackMagicVases ADHL17_ElyseGraham_BlackMagicKonaKashmir ADHL17_ElyseGraham_BlackMagicMahiaPrague ADHL17_ElyseGraham_HydroVases