AOO Shop in Barcelona

AOO is a new store and brand in Barcelona started by Marc Morro and Oriol Villar, whose first collection is a mix of chunky wood pieces they’ve designed and built in their workshop and pieces they’ve commissioned from other designers and had produced by local craftsmen. The store’s shelves are supplemented with outside objects from brands like Santa & Cole, and its graphics are the work of Eindhoven faves Raw Color. “We’re a place where you can easily find things that are hard to find,” say the founders. “For example, things to give to someone you really care about, like yourself if you consider it appropriate.” Visit the shop at 8 Sèneca Street the next time you’re in Barcelona.
CADIRETA01Cadireta by Marc Morro

PEPITU01Pepitu deck chair by Oriol Villar and Marc Morro
PEPITU02Pepitu deck chair by Oriol Villar and Marc Morro
PEPITU03Pepitu deck chair by Oriol Villar and Marc Morro
SALVADOR01Salvador chair by Miguel MiláPEPITA01Pepita stool by Oriol Villar and Marc Morro
TAULETA01Tauleta by Marc Morro
TRIPO01Tripo by Marc Morro130918_poster_AOO_finalPosters by Raw Color