Sevak Zargarian, Ceramicist

Sevak Zargarian is a London-based graduate of the Central Saint Martins undergrad course in Ceramics, for which his final project was a series of Grogged Vases — so named for the broken-up scraps of stained and fired clay normally mixed into pottery to invisibly prevent kiln shrinkage, which Zargarian then makes a plaster bowl mold and dips into a bucket of grog-filled slip in a reverse-casting process. Zargarian focuses on process- and materials-driven experimentation based around the tactile qualities of clay, yet rather than only celebrating the hand-made element of his work, he’s more interested in how he might someday apply his studio discoveries to industrial production.

sevakzargariangrogged01low-res sevakzargariangrogged02low-res sevakzargariangroggedcupslow-res SevakZargarian-GroggedFacetedCup(BlueRed)01 SevakZargarian-GroggedFacetedCup(BlueRed)02 sevak-zargarian-grogged-02 sevak-zargarian-grogged SevakZargarian-GroggedCup(GreyOrange)