Brooklyn Artist Esther Ruiz On Her “Miniature Landscapes From a Distant Future”

Brooklyn artist Esther Ruiz refers to her sculptures as “settings,” “little parties,” and “miniature landscapes from a distant future,” but whatever you call them, they’re meant to act as colorful, abstracted symbols of imaginary places she’s conjured in her mind, and the objects that reside within them. Ruiz, who was born in Houston and graduated from the art program at Rhodes College in Memphis in 2011, showed the series in her first New York solo show this past October, at the Bushwick artist’s space Wayfarers. According to her artist’s statement, she’s inspired “mostly by space operas, pop culture, geometry and the setting sun.” Check out the rest of her work — including digital collages and drawings — right here.

ER_a_place_in_my_mind ER_alloysetting ER_ForgettingTomorrow ER_GoldenRealityII ER_NewStoneAge ER_newsun ER_no_zero ER_NotLost ER_PerfectMoment ER_rupee

Esther Ruiz scultptures
Esther Ruiz scultptures

ER_TelevisionMemory ER_thirdcoast