The Fruit Shop by Hsian Jung

Taiwan-born, London-based Hsian Jung works as a curator and interior stylist, but in his spare time, he recently started a hand-formed ceramics line called The Fruit Shop, through whose website he releases collections inspired by individual fruits and vegetables. “Friends were describing my pottery as reminiscent of sweet melons and pumpkins, an insight that inspired this project,” explains Jung. To launch his first series, based around the cantaloupe, he styled a series of photographs using “cheap objects from daily life that have similar color tones as the ceramics but totally different textures,” he says. The collection isn’t for sale on The Fruit Shop just yet, but Jung is already hard at work on two new editions: pumpkin and onion.


Cantaloupe_1 Cantaloupe_4 Cantaloupe_8 Cantaloupe_10 Cantaloupe_2