Amy Brener, artist

Brooklyn-based artist Amy Brener is all about excavating the technological artifact in her large, translucent, crystal-like sculptures. Each standing the height of an average-sized human, the totems are like some colossal peer of Thaddeus Wolfe’s ongoing Assemblage Series. Into these cast resin and concrete monoliths, Brener fossilizes decade-old Nokia phones, Fresnel lenses, and gypsum; once the cast dries, she chisels away, cracking sheets of plastic and remnants of our recent technological past, revealing sculptures that resemble the natural and the geological. The structures stand bright and vertical, weighted in a mix of familiar earthy rock formations and distant ideas of the supernatural. As Brener notes, “My pieces are artifacts from an imagined future.” Enjoy a small selection of our favorites below. (and thanks to Su of I’m Revolting for introducing us to Brener’s work!)    62d45c1b4dba7746c42ed8df35116ec6 d7ce069ac5c47eacf8fd1f3957565e2b 467c5a7ea841241995cd97513592d623 3f70cfa6b269f7c8ff330f3c90313c9e 22c0e40d71ad250f29b73569209d9be6  10edec7ffdb75df2aabb3b13b39ae493 original