Louise Zhang, Artist

Sydney-based artist Louise Zhang‘s work is concerned not with the familiar straight lines of geometry, but with the lack of any distinct form. More simply, she works with blobs. Her attraction to the formless began with a childhood fascination with slime and goo. Building off the allure of all-things-goopy, her paintings and sculptures — made from materials ranging from acrylic, oil, enamel, resin, expanding polyurethane, gap filler, and silicone — explore the infinite transformations a shapeless form can possess.  Add to this an intense candy-coated color palette and you’ve got a body of work that’s both unquestionably attractive and charmingly grotesque.

Zhang_20140530-_MG_2340 Zhang_20140530-_MG_2378 Louise-Zhang_And-Then-It-Kind-of-Happened--2014 Louise-Zhang_DUCK-FACE_2013_acrylic--oil--enamel-on-canvas--30x30cm copy Louise-Zhang_Honeyed-Orifices-and-A-Pit-of-Ease--2014_670 Zhang_20140530-_MG_2333 DSC00123 Zhang_Combos_20140814-_MG_3109 Slide11 copy