Örnsbergsauktionen 2015


Exhibition curators often face a funny dilemma: The more successful they become, the more great people start clamoring be involved in their projects, which ultimately only makes their selection process that much harder. Hence why the minds behind the Swedish design auction Örnsbergsauktionen — which for the past four years has consistently been pretty much the most amazing thing coming out of Stockholm Design Week — decided to tighten the curatorial reins this year, not only requiring that their 30 participants be designers who self-produce their own work in small batches but also leaning heavily towards the ones who work collectively or invent their own materials and processes. Once they managed to narrow their list down to the lucky few, which this year includes folks like Maria Jeglinska and Jenny Nordberg — plus of course founders Simon Klenell, Fredrik Paulsen, and Kristoffer Sundin themselves — they let the magic flow, resulting in the 40 objects that will head to the auction block on February 6. As usual, we’ve excerpted our favorites below, but you can see the full selection (and pre-bid) either on Örnsbergsauktionen’s website or at the weeklong preview exhibition opening Monday in Stockholm. 2OA_2015_5LAMPUU (2015), Lotta Lampa2OA_2015_7PORTAL STEPS/ MIRROR (2015), Petra Lilja2OA_2015_8FRUKTLÅDA, DESIGN LAB S (2014), Samir Alj Fält2OA_2015_12LAMP (2015), Kristoffer Sundin and Fredrik Paulsen2OA_2015_17MIRROR (2015), Simon Klenell2OA_2015_28CUT TABLE (2015), Andreas Freinholt2OA_2015_40NY NATUR – BEFORE AND AFTER SCIENCE I (2014), Mia E Göransson2OA_2015_2OCTAGON (2015), Samir Alj Fält2OA_2015_10[_*] (2015), Malin Henningsson2OA_2015_35I’M HERE AND THERE 2 (2015), Anna Nordström2OA_2015_25MOONLIGHT (2014), Marjan Van Aubel2OA_2015_26ARIZONA (ASHTRAY) (2014), Oona Linke2OA_2015_1TAPPAT LUFTEN (2013), Annie Johansson2OA_2015_39WATERFALL (2014), Oona Linke2OA_2015_9COMPOSITE CORPUS (2014), Fredrik Ingemansson2OA_2015_36MIRROR #001 (2015), Jenny Nordberg2OA_2015_29BAA.01 (2015), Tove Greitz2OA_2015_30TABLE (2015), Kristoffer Sundin and Fredrik Paulsen2OA_2015_31CAST OCCASIONAL TABLE (2014), James Thompson2OA_2015_33🙂 ”DELUXE”, 🙂 ”AU NATURELLE” (2015), Dennis Grabén2OA_2015_20VOLCANO VASE, CIRCLE/SQUARE VASE (2015), Maria Jeglinska