Ornsbergsauktionen 2014

Photography by Viktor Sjödin

If you’re a longtime reader of our site, you might remember that February, despite being utterly gross in the weather department, is one of our favorite months if only for the Ornsbergsauktionen, an artist-run auction house that’s taken place during each of the past three Stockholm Design Weeks. Started by Fredrik Paulsen, Simon Klenell, and Kristoffer Sundin, the auction gathers together limited editions and one-offs from designers we already know and love — Katja Pettersson, Uglycute, Silo Studio, Hilda Hillström — and always introduces us to a handful we can’t wait to Google. This year, in addition to furniture and objects, the three also managed to wrangle works on paper from the Memphis Group’s still-prolific Peter Shire and Nathalie du Pasquier. We’ve included a selection of our favorites below, but for the full catalogue, visit the (gorgeously designed) catalog website or see the objects in person if you’re in Stockholm, on view through Friday!
OA_2014 _1 Void (2014)
Designer: Mats Theselius
Starting price: 6,000 SEK
OA_2014 _22 Stora Spelet (2014)
Designer: Sara Lundkvist
Starting price: 2,400
OA_2014 _5Nazca / Cocos (2014)
Designer: Hilda Hellström
Starting price: 4,000 SEK
OA_2014_11 Eurydike (2014)
Designer: Katja Pettersson
Starting price: 6,500 SEK
OA_2014 _2 Breaking New, Modular System
Designer: Uglycute
Starting price: 7,000
OA_2014 _4Corpus 1, Corpus 2, Corpus 3 (2014)
Fredrik Ingemansson
Starting price: 1,800 SEK
OA_2014 _9 Delta Stool (2014)
Designer: Stina Löfgren & Kristoffer Sundin
Starting price: 2,500 SEK
OA_2014 _18 Puck (2014)
Designer: Carina Seth Andersson
Starting price: 8,700 SEK
OA_2014 _45 Little White Lies (2014)
Designer: Nick Ross
Starting price: 5,500 SEK
OA_2014 _46 Eternity (2014)
Designer: Pål Rodenius
Starting price: 3,800 SEK
OA_2014 _50 Textile Moulded Glass (2014)
Designer: Silo Studio
Starting price: 1,300 SEK
OA_2014 _28 Block (2012)
Designer: Karolina K Eriksson
Starting price: 2,000 SEK
OA_2014 _36 Grain (2012)
Designer: Johanna Friedman
Starting price: 2,000 SEK
OA_2014 _37 Ordinary Pixel (2014)
Designer: Anna Nordström
Starting price: 4,000 SEK
OA_2014 _48 Meander Table (2014)
Designer: Stina Löfgren & Kristoffer Sundin
Starting Price: 3,400 SEK
OA_2014 _gruppbild_3