Slag Glas Bookends From Bazazas

Thanks to the power of e-commerce, quite a few creatives have felt inspired lately to open small, tightly curated shops featuring weird and wonderful small-batch objects by young makers (see also: Handjob Gallery Store). The newest is Bazazas, founded by the designers Scarlett Boulting of opus and Mary Voorhees Meehan. They’ve assembled a quirky yet sophisticated selection of objects by folks like Études Studio, ceramicist Giselle Hicks, and jewelry designer Sandra Russell, but our favorite offering is no doubt this in-house series of Slag Glas Bookends. The website explains: “Slag glass is a byproduct of industrial glass production. It looks a lot like giant crystals. Glittering picnic tables, topped with multi-colored shards of the stuff, are a significant part of Arkansas’ visual repertoire.” Each $100 set is one-of-a-kind, and some of the examples shown here are already sold out, so hightail it over to Bazazas if you want to get one before they’re gone.

DL04012-13_2048x2048 DL04036-2_2048x2048 DL04021-sm-14_2048x2048 DL04023-sm-14_2048x2048 DL04037-sm-1b_2048x2048 DSC_6753-5_2048x2048 DSC_6685-3a_2048x2048 Slag Glass Bazazas DSC_6832-10_2048x2048 DSC_6835-10_2048x2048 DSC_6760-6_2048x2048 DSC_6773-6_2048x2048 DSC_6847-11_2048x2048 DSC_6856-11_2048x2048 slagglas_1 slagglas_3