At Stockholm Design Week 2014

When Katrin Greiling offered to report on Stockholm Design Week for us this year, it felt like the holy trinity of guest fair coverage: a designer with an amazing eye, who also happened to be a talented photographer, who wasn’t too occupied exhibiting her own work this year to make the rounds on our behalf. Turns out she’s been busy with other projects, 700 miles away from her former home base: “After living in Sweden for 15 years, I recently made a move to Berlin to work on two interior projects,” Greiling says. “Still, though, my heart is strongly connected to the aesthetics of the North, and a year without going to the furniture fair in Stockholm would be unthinkable for me. Studio Greiling didn’t show any work at the 2014 fair, but we still enjoyed meeting up with all the members of our huge Nordic furniture family. Here’s a glimpse at what I saw during the four days I spent in Stockholm.”

Pictured above: Detail of a shelf made from recycled milk packages by Asako Yamashita, from a furniture series by Pivoto, which is part of the Kyoto-based architecture office Geneto.

“In Stockholm you can take boats for public transport. We took one a meeting at the Hotel Skeppsholmen.”

“Eating out in Sweden has reached new dimensions — a lot of new restaurants have opened the past few years. You can eat really well. Though still I like to stick to my longtime favorites, Konstnärsbaren (pictured) and Backfickan.”

“At KB, the entrance is clad in wallpaper by Josef Frank.”

“I think this was the first image I took upon arriving at the fairground: Ineke Hans at the booth of Elmo Leather. Perfect match!”

“Jens Fager created a beautiful restaurant at the fair, together with Tommy Myllymäki. It was like a small forest, with delicious food.”

“Osko Deichmann’s Superkink, for Blå Station, looked awesome in these bright colors!”

“Inga Sempé has started working with Norwegian wool producer Røros Tweed. They’ve been weaving high-quality products since 1940.”

“GamFratesi was this year’s guest of honor at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.”

“My favorite booth at Greenhouse, the fair’s showcase for emerging talents, was by the Kosmos Project, a Polish duo. Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelski designed this wall rug as part of their Collective Unconscious series.”

“Another duo I liked was Stockholm-based Very Very Gold, by Farvash Razavi and Michel Bussien.”

Nyréns Arkitektkontor was involved in the creation of this structure in the Greenhouse. The designers of the space, Note, asked the established Stockholm-based firm for their expertise.”

“Stockholm’s Uglycute presented Stalker, a stackable armchair for Woodstockholm.”

“It also glows in the dark.”

“The Danish producer Nevvvorks showed new pieces by Noergaard Kechayas, and in the background, a table by the London-based Norwegian designer Oscar Narud.”

Louise Hederström produces this carpet, exhibit as part of the new showcase Twelve, which gives established Nordic designers the chance to show independent work. It was curated this year by Disegno editor Johanna Agerman Ross.”

Katja Pettersson, also at Twelve, showed Planned Obsolescence, a furniture series created in silk paper.”

“Shown as a prototype last year, the chair by the Taiwanese studio Afteroom is now in production by the Danish brand Menu.”

“Four Konstfack undergrads showed as a ‘Collective‘ at the Greenhouse: Emma Andersson, Matilda Bergström, Fanny Dorthé and Josef Wirsén.”

“I attended a presentation of Nathalie du Pasquier talking about her work — including her contributions to the celebrated Memphis Group — at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. The seminar was organized by Hall of Femmes.”

“And then, best of it all, the 2014 curated Örnsbergsauktionen (previewed on Sight Unseen last week). I was lucky to catch the founders, Simon Klenell, Fredrik Paulsen, and Kristoffer Sundin, for a quick chat.”

“A better look at the top of Hilda Hellström‘s Nazca / Cocos table.” (Click here to see the matching coasters sold in Sight Unseen’s online shop.)

Anna Tascha Larsson‘s silver-plated wall-hanging, Milagros For the Injured.”

“A new green version of Nick Ross‘s Little White Lies table, topped with the official Örnsbergsauktionen gavel.”