In a Philly Photographer’s Hands, Photos That Look Like Digital Collages

We’ve been familiar with Philadelphia-based photographer Roxana Azar‘s work for some time now — last summer, she took the snaps for our story on fellow Philadelphian Page Neal of Bario-Neal (where Azar also works). But the second she sent us the latest personal series she’s been working on, we knew we had to share. Azar digitally manipulates her photos into collages, but in the series we’re sharing today, many of the images began as photographs from gardens where Azar spent her childhood. “I am really interested in using the photograph as a starting point to layer, erase, rebuild, and obscure an image, turning the image into something ambiguous yet playful,” Azar says. “Ranging between chaotic clusters of poppies, fruit trees in limbo between positive and negative space, and colorful ecliptic spheres obscuring cactus pears and palms, I focus on gardens from my childhood and those I have newly explored.” 

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