e7’s Zinc Project Was One of This Year’s Salone Satellite Standouts

Our last bit of Milan coverage this week comes from e7, a brand-new design studio comprised of three ECAL grads — Giulia Chéhab from Italy, Micael Filipe from Portugal and Romain Viricel from France — whose Zinc Project caught our eye in the very last row of this year’s Salone Satellite. A table and shelf series made from galvanized zinc, the project was inspired by the aesthetic irregularities that arise from the galvanization process: “irregular pattern, crystal shades and the evolution of zinc’s patina — shiny when fresh and gradually matte as it oxidizes.” The trio combined tubular zinc legs with lacquered glass tops, lacquered bottoms with oval zinc tops, and zinc brackets with black granite shelves sourced from Angola, whose irregular crystals mimic the look of galvanized steel. Peep the new collection here, then head over to our Facebook page to catch up on any Milan coverage you might have missed!

e7industrialdesign_dinner-table_benches02--pictureDouglasMandry e7industrialdesign_table-bench-pictureDouglasMandry e7industrialdesign_shelves-pictureDouglasMandry e7industrialdesign_coffee-table e7industrialdesign_bench-detail-pictureDouglasMandry e7industrialdesign_dinner-table_detail-pictureDouglasMandry e7industrialdesign_shelf-detail_03-pictureDouglasMandry e7industrialdesign_shelf-detail-pictureDouglasMandry